Virág Csejdy Presents at 14th World Congress on Art Deco in Cleveland, Ohio

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HIF scholarship recipient Ms. Virág Csejdy, Director of the Hudec Cultural Foundation presented at the 14th World Congress on Art Deco on her research subject, world famous Hungarian – Slovak architect László Hudec, and also visited Berkeley, California to continue her research at the University Lutheran Chapel of Berkeley at the University of California, Berkeley.

The World Congress on Art Deco ® is a bi-annual conference hosted in a different city every time, intended to provide a forum for the worldwide exchange and promotion of ideas and information about Art Deco. The conference aims to promote the understanding of Art Deco as a world movement and the conservation of and preservation of sites and monuments.

The 14th World Congress on Art Deco took place in Cleveland with the intention of popularizing the city and its cultural and architectural heritage. 20th Century Society USA was the main organizer behind the conference and provided its participants with lectures, talks, and guided tours of important museums and architectural sites in Cleveland. There were about 200 participants from all around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Canada, China, Europe, and the United States.

Ms. Csejdy at the 14th World Congress on Art Deco in Cleveland, Ohio

Ms Csejdy gave a presentation titled: “László Hudec’s oeuvre and architectural analogies”, which highlighted his cultural background, his most famous Shanghai buildings, and some Hungarian buildings with similar design concepts.

The conference provided Ms. Csejdy with the opportunity to develop her skills in presenting her research in english, understanding international context of the Art Deco societies, as well as making numerous international connections.

“During the Cleveland program I made an important connection with the Rose Iron Works company, a famous metal designer firm which was established about 100 years ago by an immigrant Hungarian, Martin Rose. The leader, the third generation (Bob) Rose is doing heroic work to keep alive the old craft metal design profession together with the legendary 100 years old workshop house. Their most successful period was in 1920-30 and produced a lot of metal works designed by Paul Fehér. His ornamental screen is now generally regarded as the finest piece of Art Deco metalwork, which was first displayed at the Cleveland Museum of Art’s in 1930.”

Apart from the World Congress on Art Deco, Ms. Csejdy visited the University Lutheran Chapel of Berkeley at the University of California, Berkeley, which was the last work of her research subject, László Hudec. Ms. Csejdy was given a warm welcome by the Pastor who showed her the original documents and design drawings of the building, which helped Ms. Csejdy bolster her research efforts.

Ms. Csejdy with The Rev. Jeff Johnson, Pastor of the University Lutheran Chapel of Berkeley in Berkeley, California.

The conference, as well as the trip to Berkeley were of great use for Ms. Csejdy in gaining knowledge and new ideas for the Hudec Cultural Foundation’s activities, and perhaps even starting an Art Deco society in Budapest.

“I am very honored to have this grant and I was trying to use with my best intentions.”

More information regarding the Hudec Cultural Foundation and the World Congress on Art Deco can be found on and respectively.

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