About Us

Hungary Foundation is an independent, US-based non-partisan and non-profit organization committed to strengthening the understanding and cooperation between Hungary and the Unites States of America.

Founded in 2013, Hungary Foundation was established to “preserve and promote an appreciation of Hungarian culture, art, science in the United States by raising the public awareness of Hungarian history, arts, culture, and academic achievements across the United States, providing an institutional framework for outreach programs towards the Hungarian diaspora living in the United States, promoting Hungarian-U.S. relations, generating internships, scholarships, and academic exchange programs.”

Hungary and the United States share fundamental cultural values, deep historic ties, and a dedication to the promotion of individual human rights, protected and exercised through democratic governance. The United States is also a special country for Hungary, as the largest Hungarian diaspora today lives here, almost 1,6 million Hungarian Americans, who have become important members of American society while also cherishing and nourishing their Hungarian roots and traditions.

Hungary Foundation is a solely charitable 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The Foundation pursues its mission and goals by supporting Hungarian-American organizations and by supporting programs that strengthen interaction and cooperation between Hungarian and American citizens and institutions. In particular, the Foundation is focused on supporting cultural, educational and scholarly activities. The Foundation does not participate in political activities, political or election campaigns.

The Foundation is governed and overseen by an independent Board of Trustees, comprised of public figures and businessmen who have achieved significant results in their own areas of expertise and are committed to strengthening the diaspora and improving American-Hungarian relations.

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