Mission statement

Our mission is to create lasting value by reviving and strengthening the cultural and educational bonds between the United States and Hungary, as well as Hungary and the diverse Hungarian American community. We promote cooperation and understanding between our two nations, thereby fostering democracy, freedom, human rights, and human dignity, the dearest values of our history and our peoples.

The Foundation is inspired by the recognition that the citizens of Hungary and the United States share fundamental cultural values, deep historic ties, and a dedication to individual human rights, protected and exercised through democratic self-government.

The United States is home to the largest Hungarian diaspora, whose ties to Hungary could and should be nurtured, to the benefit of both countries. We envision and strive for a new, stronger relationship between Hungary, the Hungarian American communities, and the United States.

We stand for proactivity, uniqueness, initiation, and cooperation. This is what our name, Hungary Foundation represents, and this is what we work for in all our endeavors.

Achieving our mission

The Foundation realizes its mission and promotes its goals through its programs and activities. The general program policy and the annual program plans are organized around three core principles – this is where mission meets action:


Empowering Existing Organizations

To achieve its goal of strengthening relations between Hungarian American communities and Hungary and contributing to the activities of a thriving diaspora, the Foundation provides long-term strategic and financial support to existing and successfully operating Hungarian American organizations. Having strong, sustainable organizations, and thus a lively and closely interconnected community is crucial to the Foundation’s success. They are the ones who ensure that the diaspora and the Hungarian heritage live on, and, by the same token, the Hungarian American community is an indispensable asset in strengthening and broadening Hungarian-American relations and understanding.

Creating New Initiatives

Besides supporting existing organizations and programs, the Foundation creates new programs and projects that can fulfill current strategic voids. The selection of the new programs and projects are completely in line with the mission, values, and principles of the Foundation.

Building New Bridges Between Hungary and the US

The Foundation supports cooperation between US and Hungarian organizations and individuals through programs that strengthen the interpersonal, academic, and cultural ties between the two nations. To achieve its goal of reviving and deepening US-Hungarian relations, the Foundation initiates joint academic and research projects with US think tanks and academic institutions, exchange programs between the two countries, as well as fellowships, scholarships and internships.

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