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Specially created for its 2016 North American tour, this invigorating dance performance by the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble commemorates the spirit of the historic 1956 Hungarian Revolution against Soviet rule and celebrates the vibrant and energetic folklore of the Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin.

Spirit of Hungary

The Hungarian National Dance Ensemble (Magyar Nemzeti Táncegyüttes) is one of Hungary’s preeminent professional folkdance companies, and has toured every continent with great success and acclaim. The Ensemble’s appearance in North America is a singular opportunity to witness Hungarian dance and music culture at its best.

Planned stops of the Spirit of Hungary Tour and organizational partners across the United States:

10/14 New Brunswick, NJ

Presented by the Csűrdöngölő Folk Dance Ensemble

10/15 Buffalo, NY

Presented by the Hungarian organizations of Buffalo, Rochester and Niagara Falls

10/16 Toronto, Canada

Presented by the National Alliance of Hungarians in Canada

10/17 Dayton, OH

Presented by the Hungarian organizations of Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus

10/18 Toledo, OH

Presented by the Hungarian Club of Toledo

10/19 Chicago, IL

Presented by the Tatra Mountains Cultural Foundation

10/20 Detroit, MI

Presented by the Hungarian Arts Club of Detroit

10/21 Pittsburgh, PA

Presented by William Penn Association and Bethlen Communities

10/22/ Washington, DC

Presented by the American Hungarian Heritage House and the Hungarian Scouts of Washington, DC

10/23 New York City, NY

Presented by the American Hungarian Library and the Hungarian American Memorial Committee

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