Social Science Conference Offers Perfect Venue for PhD Candidate to Present Her Legal Reasoning Research

by | Dec 7, 2017 | We Proudly Support

Ms. Kata Grünczeisz received a Conference Support Scholarship from HIF in helping her present her field research at the 19th International Conference on Law and Social Sciences at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

“I’m really grateful for HIF’s support. I truly gained a lot from the conference, both professionally and personally, and cannot be thankful enough for HIF and all the institutions who made it possible.”

Kata Grunczeisz

In early March,  the 19th International Conference on Law and Social Sciences (ICLSS) was held for up and coming academics in both fields. The conference covered a variety of topics, with one crucial area being the evolution of international legal reasoning. Ms. Grünczeisz contributed to this area with her presentation, “Calling Someone a Neo-Nazi Not Considered as a Libel-Analysis of Judicial decisions.” As a result of her presentation she had the distinct privilege to publish in the ICLSS 2017 Special Journal on Law and Social Sciences. This opportunity should open the door for Ms. Grünczeisz to publish more papers in American journals moving forward.

“My presentation’s professional background was built by engaging in researches in the field of legal reasoning, focused on strategic maneuvering at trials and examining the role of the judge in three participant trial situations; in which topic I held presentations at numerous conferences (like Argumentor), and participated in the OTKA education programs which are focused on these issues. Besides attendance, publishing in an international journal has been part of this conference, giving a vast contribution to my successful doctoral studies.”

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Beyond publishing, the conference was a special opportunity for Ms. Grünczeisz to gain experience presenting in English and become more familiar with the American style of presentation. For her the conference helped enrich her doctoral studies, and gave her more interesting questions to pursue in her future research. Overall, it also provided a venue to meet and trade ideas with other academics in her field. This conference should provide an important touchstone as Ms. Grünczeisz furthers her career in academic excellence.

“Attending the conference has contributed to my doctoral studies on many levels. Beyond the fact that I had the opportunity to present the results of the latest questions that has been asked by researchers of the field , I had the chance to practice presenting in English for a larger intercultural scientific audience. The conference has, in many aspects, enriched my presentation techniques.”

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