Miklós Sebok Presents at the Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois

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With support from the HIF Conference Support Scholarship, Dr. Miklós Sebok, head of the Department of Government and Public Policy, Centre for Social Sciences at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences  presented and served as a chair of the panel on “The Broad Contours of Legislation” at the Annual Conference of the Midwest Political Science Association.

Dr. Miklós Sebok

The Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference offers professors and researchers the opportunity to attend and present their work in the form of panels, lectures, and posters. The gathering is one of the largest political science conferences in the country with approximately 1,200 sessions and more than 5,500 papers presented.

Dr. Sebok presented his co-written paper titled: “The Formal Quality of Legislative Outputs: An Empirical Indicator with Evidence from Hungary” and also served as a chair of the panel on “The Broad Contours of Legislation”.

“I received invaluable feedback from panel participants, which provides guidance for reworking the paper for publication.”

Dr. Sebok plans to submit his paper, with the helpful feedback he received from other top researchers at the conference, to a well-established journal with a high impact factor within the political science community. Dr. Sebok has recently had his previous work published by the Journal of Legislative Studies, and hopes that by attending more high caliber conferences, he and his co-authors will be able to produce more articles suitable for publication in the top journals of the field.

Participation in the 75th MPSA Annual Conference has helped Dr. Sebok continue being a strong presence in the mostly U.S.-based legislative studies research community. In the past, Dr. Sebok has presented his work at the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting & Exhibition, and has been invited to present at the forthcoming PolText Text Analysis Workshop.

“As for wider impact, I will share my experiences with junior scholars based in Hungary and will also make use them in my teaching assignments and curriculum development.”

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