Krisztina Krizsán Speaks at Genetics Society of America Conference in California

by | Jul 18, 2017 | We Proudly Support

Ms. Krisztina Krizsán, research associate at the Laboratory of Fungal Genomics and Evolution, Biological Research Centre, in Szeged, Hungary spoke at the 29th Fungal Genetics Conference with assistance from the HIF Conference Support Scholarship.

Ms. Krizsan speaking in Pacific Grove, California

The 29th Fungal Genetics Conference, hosted by the Genetics Society of America, offers the opportunity for researchers interested in genomics, gene regulation, cell biology and development, evolutionary biology, fungal-host interactions and biotechnology to communicate and collaborate on the latest research on all aspects of fungal genetics with a specific focus on filamentous fungi. The most recent findings and developments in fungal biology are presented through plenary, concurrent, and poster sessions.

Ms. Krizsán was specifically interested in hearing more about the use of emerging techniques in mushroom analysis, and had the chance to meet with researchers about the practical implementation of the techniques in detail. Ms. Krizsán presented her co-written paper titled: Findings on the origin and genetic background of fungal multicellularity.

“I presented our latest results as a speaker of a concurrent session, which received very positive comments and more offers for future collaborations from prestigious labs from the US and EU.”

Ms. Krizsán plans to strengthen her scientific network and continue having conversations about possible collaborations other researchers in her field in the future, which will hopefully result in co-authorships of multiple studies down the line.

Ms. Krizsán also plans on utilizing the techniques she observed at the conference, with potential help from her newly formed connections, in order to conduct more valuable and up to date experiments, which would further her efforts to publish in more prestigious journals.

“I got to know and develop my scientific network with the researchers of the field of fungal development and I really enjoyed listening the more experienced speakers from whose written studies I’ve already learnt a lot about, and by listening to them, I could improve my presentation skills too.”

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