Hungarian Communion of Friends hosts 2017 Conference on “Music Life and Spirit” and 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

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This past year, HIF continued to help deliver the content of the week-long Hungarian Communion of Friends (MBK) conference to a wide international readership. MBK’s annual conference, entitled “Music, Life, Spirit​” in 2017 at beautiful Lake Hope, Ohio, provided high-level lectures and discourse as well as an opportunity for Hungarian American families to spend quality time together.

For over forty years, theses conferences have helped Hungarians and Americans alike all “get rejuvenated and get recharged with enough Hungarian spirit to last throughout the year.” (Click here to see overviews of past conferences!)

Since the location of the conference is somewhat remote, many can not personally attend. Therefore, the content of each conference is published in what is known as the “Itt-Ott Kalendarium.” This publication provides a historical context of the MBK for our speakers and guests, and primarily serves the MBK’s goals and the Hungarian community at large. Last fall, MBK worked with a small publisher in Vojvodina, and their partnership proved to be a great learning experience.

“The result is a successful publication and the opportunity of an overseas speaker for our 2018 Itt-Ott Conference. In the process of bringing the Itt-Ott Kalendarium to life, we learned to make new overseas business connections, that we would like to foster for the future as well. We learned valuable skills in editing and cooperation.” – MBK

HIF also supported the travel of conference invitee Csaba Marosan, a young talented artist from Transylvania. In fact, Marosan is going to be traveling to many more North American Hungarian communities, taking his message of Hungarian poetry to Chicago, New York, Toronto, London Ontario, Los Angeles, and Cleveland among others. His presence will not only benefit the MBK, but the entire Hungarian community.

“We are extremely thankful for the support we received from HIF in the last few years.We are hopeful that we will be able to continue our work dedicated to the preservation of our Hungarian culture.” 

Later this year, The Hungarian Community of Friends will host their 50th Conference.

Check out this video in Hungarian about the 2017 conference!  

For more videos check out the Itt-Ott Youtube Channel.

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