Ákos Zulik at World Renowned SXSW Interactive Conference 2017

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Mr. Ákos Zulik, writer and editor for Összkép Magazine of the HÉTFA Research Institute and recipient of the HIF Conference Support Scholarship, attended the South-By-Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Conference in Austin, Texas.

Mr. Zulik at SXSW 2017

South-By-Southwest, or SXSW as it is better known, is an annual conference and festival held in Austin, Texas that gives entrepreneurs and global professionals from a broad variety of industries the chance to showcase their work and experiences to a diverse audience. At SXSW there are numerous opportunities to attend lectures, sessions, screenings, and exhibitions, all with the added benefit of making unexpected discoveries and the potential to establish a wide variety of networks. Invited guests to the conference include academic experts, policy makers, and industry professionals, who give informative insights on emerging technologies and the potential dangers and challenges they pose to the was human communities are organized.

“In choosing the lectures and panel discussions I attended, my motivation was to focus on those technologies and trends that are known to have potentially groundbreaking impacts, but are yet ambiguous in the nature of the changes they will bring.”

At SXSW, Mr. Zulik attended talks and discussions on smart cities and urban development in the 21st century, self-driving vehicles, technologies creating virtual or augmented realities and robotics. These fields are increasingly becoming the new frontier for research, policy, and industry. The exhibitions that Mr. Zulik visited, demonstrated the trajectories and potential directions that these subjects may go, in the aim to predict what the new standard will be in the foreseeable future.

Mr. Zulik is publishing articles on technology and future for Összkép Magazine based on the insights he gained from attending SXSW.

Additionally, Mr. Zulik attended events about the trends of media and entertainment industries related to different geographic parts of the world, ethical and practical dilemmas of social impact and technology-driven opportunities. The knowledge that he acquired from these events will most likely have a positive impact on the professional development of his skills in journalism and business analysis.

“SXSW Interactive 2017 also provided me opportunity to talk and network with a diverse set of people from the US media and technology industries – this is a key asset I did not possess before. In a long-term perspective, this can later prove to be very valuable.”

Mr. Zulik also had the opportunity to connect with Hungarian startup incubator Design Terminal and other Hungarian startups supported by the Hungarian National Trading House. Mr. Zulik managed to create many new connections to people related to these organizations, bringing not only new Hungarian contacts, but also opportunities to network with people he could not access alone.

To see the articles that Mr. Zulik wrote on SXSW for Összkép Magazine, visit: http://osszkep.hu/category/sxsw/

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