Tamás Novák Presents at the International Studies Association’s 58th Annual Convention

by | Jul 17, 2017 | We Proudly Support

Dr. Tamás Novák, Director of International Affairs at the Budapest Business School, University of Applied Sciences and recipient of the HIF Conference Support Scholarship, presented at the International Studies Association’s 58th Annual Convention in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dr. Tamás Novák (Photo credit: Budapest Business School)

The International Studies Association’s Annual Convention is where scholars, practitioners, and students from around the globe can come together to present and discuss research and writing on a broad range of topics, in the aim to pose and answer questions regarding some of the most pressing issues of our time.

For the 58th Annual Convention, the theme was “Understanding Change in World Politics”. Dr. Novák presented his paper titled: Austerity – Selective Austerity – Non-Austerity: Experiences of and Changes in Central European EU Members States.

“I wanted to discuss with colleagues one of the most pressing issues of current global economic development, the changing theoretical perspectives on austerity policies focusing on the Central European region.”

At the convention, Dr. Novák had the opportunity to obtain additional insights into the most important changes in mainstream international relations theories, and current international developments from diverse perspectives. These new angles that were brought to light, hope to shape upcoming research priorities and international studies for the next year.

“I also had a chance to meet with several US colleagues with whom I already had worked on joint research projects earlier. Active personal contacts are necessary to maintain established but vulnerable research networks.”

As a result of the convention, Dr. Novák organized a workshop at the Budapest Business School with a colleague from the Antall József Knowledge Center, on the information and knowledge he gained.

Dr. Novák has also prepared a series of newspaper publications for the Hungarian daily paper Világgazdaság. Dr. Novák also received an invitation for a discussion with the Chief Negotiator of the US TTIP at JHU in Washington, DC.

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