Ryan Brockhaus

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Featured Alumni

Program: Budapest Fellowship Program – Senior Fellow

Year: 2020

Host Institution: Ludovika – University of Public Service

Research Focus: US–⁠Hungarian military cooperation

Quote: “I expect to get a better understanding of Hungary in general, and this Program will lead us in this direction. Also, in order to focus on our research topics, this program will certainly provide the necessary tools to be able to do our best.”

Read his introduction here: hungaryfoundation.org

Ryan Brockhaus has a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies at Arizona State University and is in the process of obtaining his Masters in Global Security at Arizona State as well. His main interests are US and European history, as well as geopolitics. Prior to his acceptance into the BFP, Ryan spent the Fall of 2019 at Corvinus University in Budapest where he studied the transition and post-transition challenges within Hungary and other CEE countries. While at Corvinus, Ryan was also a part-time intern at the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, in which he conducted research on Russia’s political, economic, and military coercion of Ukraine under the administration of Zolodymyr Zelensky.

Prior to his university studies, Ryan was a certified paramedic and worked in the Emergency Medical Service for more than a decade in the state of Arizona. He is married for nine years and has a seven-year-old son. After the fellowship program, Ryan plans to complete his Master’s program at ASU, with the intent of working as a regional specialist in either the Defense Intelligence Agency or the US State Department.

Ludovika – University of Public Service is a specialised higher educational institution, the principal aim of which is to educate highly qualified personnel for the civil service, the military as well as the different branches of law enforcement. Besides the faculties, the Ludovika research institutions focus on topical international questions as well as the theory of the state. In the autumn, new programs like the College of Visegrád and the Hungarian Diplomatic Academy will be launched. The beautifully restored old Royal Ludovika Academy symbolises the important heritage of the university, while the newly built educational facilities are equipped with state of the art technology to help the educational activities. The campus in Orczy Park is easy to reach by public transport and home to sports facilities, like a swimming pool, a sports hall as well as horse riding stables. The dorms for visiting fellows are self-contained units. Erasmus as well as Stipendium Hungaricum students ensure vibrant international student life.

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