Meet Széll Kálmán Public Policy Fellow Gábor Szikszay

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Gábor Szikszay from Budapest, Hungary arrived to Washington DC to begin his internship for Social Impact 360, the largest mentorship-based training organization for young social entrepreneurs on college campuses in the US as part of the summer program of The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) in the framework of the Széll Kálmán Fellowship. In addition to his internship, he is also taking two courses at George Mason University.

Gábor previously finished an internship at the U.S. Embassy in Budapest, Hungary. He is a member of the International Diplomatic Student Association, a Hungarian student association, and is also a head

Gábor Szikszay

organizer of Munapest, Hungary’s biggest Model UN conference. Gábor spent the fall semester in Paris as an exchange student.

“So far, my experience could not be better. Washington is a gorgeous and culturally vibrant city, and our program directors help us make the most of this opportunity.”

Currently enrolled in the Institute of Political Science at ELTE School of Law, Gábor expects that the opportunity of working in Washington DC’s professional environment will give him a great mindset, which will influence his career choices in the future.

“As a political science student whose main field of study is American politics, this is a great opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge about how the US system of government, which one could otherwise only observe through TV and the internet, works.”

Social Impact 360 (SI360), where Gábor is interning, is a nationwide organization that trains young people how to identify and build solutions to social problems using business and entrepreneurship skills to maximize social impact. Gábor appreciates the the advantages this internship offers and that this program makes it possible to meet the leaders of both today and tomorrow, which can potentially lead to career-defining relationships.

“My internship gives me the possibility to get in touch with young people who want to make a change in our society. I learn a lot from their stories about the fact that anyone can make a difference, we just have to be open to possibilities which can bring us closer to those goals we would like to achieve.”

Széll Kálmán Fellows Bálint Varga and Gábor Szikszay at George Washington’s Mount Vernon

The Summer Széll Kálmán Public Policy Fellowship is a full scholarship for students from Hungary to participate in The Fund for American Studies summer programs in Washington DC focusing on economics and public policy. 

The two month summer program includes an internship placement in Washington DC, academic credit from George Mason University, housing in the heart of DC on George Washington University’s campus, a variety of guest lectures and briefings, as well as opportunities for professional development and networking.

The scholarship runs from June 2 to July 27, 2018 and covers full tuition and a living stipend for the duration of the program.

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