Meet Grace Goulding, Our Spring Intern

by | Feb 2, 2018 | News

Every semester, HIF offers the opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to intern with the foundation gaining substantive work experience while enjoying the bustling life of the US Capitol. This spring HIF is hosting Grace Goulding of American University.

Grace Goulding

Grace Goulding is currently a third-year Undergraduate student at American University studying Communications and International Relations. She is interested in inter-cultural communications and the role that culture plays in political discourse and policy-making institutions.

Grace’s connection to Hungary has started from birth. Having grown up with a Hungarian mother and an American father, she is lucky to call both Budapest and Washington D.C. home. She has been fortunate to spend her summers and winters in Hungary, spending quality time with the “Nagy Család,” as she calls it.

“It is extremely important to look at the world through different lenses. I find that every time I travel to Hungary, I end up learning a lot more about the United States and myself.”

She has also has a particular love of languages, growing up in a Hungarian-English bilingual household and studying Spanish and German in school. She spent her last semester in Berlin, Germany studying German politics, history, and transatlantic relations. Grace hopes to continue advancing her language skills and use them in her future career. Her other passions include travelling, improvisation, and eating lots of rántott hús.

While working at HIF, Grace hopes to support the preservation of Hungarian culture in the United States.

“When I first saw the HIF call for interns, I felt like the position was made for me. Having such a strong connection to Hungarian culture, I am excited to contribute to the amazing work done by those at HIF. I already feel that my writing, professional, and research skills have improved. Thank you to HIF for the opportunity to work for and learn about something that I love.”

In the future, Grace hopes to work in foreign affairs and diplomacy. She thankful for this opportunity for giving her insight into the realm in which she wants to start her career.

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