Introducing Dr. Lilla Nóra Kiss, Post-Graduate Visiting Research Fellow

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Liberty Bridge Program, News

As part of its newly launched Liberty Bridge Program, the Hungary Foundation established the Post-Graduate Visiting Research Fellowship in 2019. This Fellowship is a 12-month fully-funded opportunity to support in-residence academic research at top US universities to foster academic research of strategic importance to the US-Hungary relationship with educational institutions that are likely to become long-term partners for future academic collaborations. This fall we welcome Dr. Lilla Nóra Kiss, as Post-Graduate Visiting Research Fellow at the Antonin Scalia Law School of George Mason University in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Lilla Nóra Kiss

Dr. Lilla Nóra Kiss completed her JD in 2015 at the University of Miskolc, Hungary. In parallel with her studies, she served as editor-in-chief of the student journal and completed the seven-semester-long Legal Translation course. Lilla’s interests in international law matters led to her involvement in moot court and rhetoric competitions and selection for the Erasmus Exchange Program, which took her to the University of Lapland in Finland. Lilla completed her doctorate in 2018 and defended her thesis in 2019. She was invited to present her research on the legal issues of Brexit at several international conferences including the MicroCAD Multiscience Conference and the annual International Conference in Law and Public Administration.

“We are excited to host and support more and more highly motivated, young Hungarian scholars with an outstanding academic record and the drive to be bridge builders between Hungary and the US.” – Anna Smith Lacey

As a doctoral student, Lilla was keen to understand alternative dispute resolution methods and undertook the General and Juridical Mediator course to gain this knowledge. During this time, Lilla immersed herself in different international law programs: the Regional Academy on the United Nations (RAUN); the Academy of European Law (AEL) summer schools at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. In addition to her academic studies, Lilla conducted lectures and seminars on European law, in both English and Hungarian, to countless law students.

Dr. Lilla Nóra Kiss

Upon completion of her doctoral degree, Lilla was:

  • invited to participate in an EU-funded research project focusing on the legal and economic aspects of digitalization where she concentrated on taxation issues relating to dotcoms, geo-blocking, and e-services; and
  • selected to an international research group that examined the Hungarian Constitutional Court’s interpretation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU within the Visegrád Four (V4) countries.

In 2020, Lilla completed her third degree in European and International Business Law LLM at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary. Lilla also served as senior counselor specializing in EU law at the Ministry of Justice, State Secretariat for European Union Affairs in Budapest. As such, she has provided legal advice on matters of sovereignty between the European Union and the Member States including institutional issues and legislative competencies, the events of the Conference on the Future of Europe, and some special topics including social media, with the latter inspiring her to apply to the Hungary Foundation’s Liberty Bridge Program.

“I firmly believe that my research – focusing on the different approaches and attitudes towards social media regulation in the USA and in the EU – may facilitate the improvement of the Hungarian-American professional relationships. Therefore, it will support the mutual understanding of the different viewpoints of Hungarian-European and US professionals.” – Dr. Kiss Lilla Nóra

In August 2021, Lilla kicked off her fellowship as a visiting scholar at the Antonin Scalia School of Law at George Mason University in Virginia, USA. During her one-year post-doctoral research she will undertake a comparative analysis on how the US and the EU approach regulating social media. In her spare time, Lilla enjoys getting out into nature, reading, and listening to music.

“Lilla’s professional background, personal drive and cheerful, positive attitude sets her up for success at George Mason University’s Law School. We are thrilled to have her in Washington.” – Anna Smith Lacey

Lilla’s Publications:

Is Putin’s war being another nail in the international legal order’s coffin? Dialogue for Regional Security & Science
Will Ukraine Save the UN From Irrelevance? The National Interest
There’s No Easy Answer for EU and Ukraine The American Conservative
How the Ukrainian Meme War Defeated Russia The National Interest
Do not bury the lede: Your data, their money Constitutional Discourse
Cognitive Illusions in Legal Interpretation, On Decision-Making and Notification under Art. 50 TEU Verfassungsblog
Constitutionalism: Universal but Unique? Constitutional Discourse
„Közös Európai Életmód?” Vitaindító gondolatok az európaiságról, az európai életmód fogalmának értelmezéséről (szakcikk) Európai Tükör
Eurasian Economic Union: in the European Union’s footsteps or on new paths?Eurasian Economic Union: in the European Union’s footsteps or on new paths? (szakcikk) Przeglad Europejski
“This Content is not Available in your Country” A General Summary on Geo-Blocking in and Outside the European Union (szakcikk) International and Comparative Law Review (Sciendo)
Invade Ukraine to make Russia great again? Dialogue for Regional Security & Science
The War in Ukraine Reveals How Economic Dependency Kills The National Interest
Professional Ethics and Morality Can Prevent Social Media From Becoming Sovereign Constitutional Discourse
Monitoring Social Media Law & Liberty
Is It Time for a Minimum Corporate Tax? Action Institute
Post-Brexit European Map: the New Continental Status Quo and Institutional Decision-Making International and Comparative Law Review (Sciendo)
Cognitive Illusions in Legal Interpretation Verfassungsblog
Egy tagállam kontra tagállam kötelezettségszegési ügy margójára, avagy a C-591/17. sz. Ausztria kontra Németország ügy közjogi és gyakorlati implikációi Jog-Állam-Politika
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A win-win approach in human rights advocacy? Lessons learned from the book titled “Human dignity and law. Studies on the dignity of human life” Forum Prawnice
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The USA’s tech regulatory dilemma – with the eyes of a foreigner American Enterprise Institute (Digital Platforms and American Life)
Difficulties in “Chartering” the Course: The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in the Jurisprudence of the Hungarian Constitutional Court (Book Chapter) Leges Book on the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights and their application in V4 countries – chapter on HU
Defending Heritage and Faith: Navigating the Intersection of Christianity and Nationalism in Hungary Providence
A Win-Win Approach in Human Rights Advocacy? Lessons from “Human dignity and law. Studies on the dignity of human life” Constitutional Discourse
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