Hungarian American Business Leaders Program at Quinnipiac Welcomes Newest Hungarian Scholar

by | Nov 30, 2017 | We Proudly Support

Marton Kovacs from Budapest arrived to Quinnipiac University (QU) in August of this year to start his studies as a Central European American Business Leaders Hungarian Scholar. The program, supported by HIF, offers its participants the opportunity to pursue their MBA degrees at QU and to implement their knowledge by doing internships at institutions that fit their goals best.  

Marton Kovacs

Before enrolling at QU, Marton earned his Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary. He also studied international relations at Mathias Corvinus Collegium, where he took part in the Leadership Program. Before coming to the US, Marton gained his work experience at TATA Consultancy Services Hungary and K&H Group. During his stay in the US, he will complete an MBA degree within two years, and during his final two years, he will complete a practical training in health care and in finance strategy.

“This is a very special opportunity that provides all the academic and professional support you’ll possibly need to be successful in the future. The uniqueness of Quinnipiac’s multifaceted MBA curriculum and the inspiring environment is there, it is entirely up to you what you make of it.”- Marton Kovacs

While at QU, Marton’s main goal is to learn about strategy and the fiscal management of health care to be able to improve sustainability in the Hungarian system. In 2014 he did an internship for one of Hungary’s market leading financial institutions, working on the Bank’s CSR policy by providing help to Hungarian hospitals. He did his exchange semester in Paris, France and was a summer student at Grenoble’s Stendhal University and in Columbia University of New York. Marton attended various conferences (e.g. the EU’s Youth In Action Program) on international cooperation and speaks Hungarian, English, German and French fluently.

“The connections I make during the program – both professional connections and friendships – will certainly remain with me after the program is over. These connections will definitely make cooperating and finding solutions internationally easier, resulting in achievements mutually beneficial for the United States and Hungary.”- Marton Kovacs


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