HF Supports Liszt Charity Gala

by | Oct 12, 2022 | News


Hungary Foundation was a proud sponsor of the Los Angeles International Piano Competition’s 2022 Liszt Gala which showcased the talent of two Hungarian pianists, Elemér Balázs and Gergő Zoltán Varga, who will compete this year in LA.

The two talented artists were selected based on their performances that not only showcase their talent but also honor the memory and life-work of Ferenc Liszt, Hungarian composer.




The Los Angeles International Liszt Competition for pianists and vocalists was founded in 1990 by Judith Neszlényi pianist and Geraldine Keeling Liszt expert. The co-executives of the event, Dr. Katherine Hickey és Dr. Éva Polgár are proud of the fact that the competition attracts each year close to 200 contestants from all over the world, including Hungary. The international jury – invited by Éva Polgár – selected the two Hungarian scholarship-recipient, who will compete in the November event. The Liszt Gala in Budapest served as a fundraiser for their journey to LA this fall.


Congratulations to the organizers, Éva Polgár and Katherine Hickey.




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