Cleveland-based Bocskai Radio Acquires New Equipment from HIF Grant

by | Dec 19, 2016 | We Proudly Support

Bocskai Radio has been an integral part of the greater Cleveland Hungarian community since 1984. For the last 33 years the Radio has been broadcasting from the campus of John Carroll University. With the help of social media, Bocskai Radio is able to reach potential listeners through the internet as well, thus making it global in its reach.

Bocskai Radio Staff with the New Equipment

In order to better serve the community at large and to extend and enhance its broadcast potential to the American-Hungarian audience, specifically to those who  are not able to attend community events, through HIF-s support, the Radio was able to invest in equipment that is now providing live video broadcasts.

Using existing media outlets, Bocskai Radio will be able to preserve and archive their recordings for public access, it will be able to make commemorative DVDs and document the major events and community activities for future generation as well as to share the Diaspora’s activities to Hungary.

Recent video broadcasts by Bocskai Radio are available at:

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