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New Website Celebrates the Success of 56er Hungarians in America

As part of the 60th Anniversary commemorations, Tibor Farkas and Dr. Gyorgy Osapay, Secretary of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Freedomfighters Association joined forces with Miklos Perehazy, President of United Magyar House in Los Angeles and Mr. Zsolt Molnar of Brecksville, Ohio, a software expert and website builder to create an online database containing information on 1956 […]

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A group of Coalition members at this year’s Mikulás Dinner (from the top and left to right): Mr. Zsolt Szekeres, Mr. István Dobozi, Mr. Andy Hutchison, Mrs. Ágnes Fülöp, Mrs. Erika Bokor, Mr. József Megyeri, Mr. István Fedor, Ambassador April H. Foley, Mrs. Susan Hutchison, Dr. Péter Kovalszki, Governor George Pataki, Mrs. Csilla Grauzer, Mr. Max Teleki, Mrs. Edith Lauer, Mrs. Andrea Lauer Rice, Mr. Julius Várallyay, Mrs. Georgianna Bőjtös

HIF Board Members Join Hungarian American Coalition at 25th Annual Mikulas Dinner

HIF Chairman of the Board April Foley, HIF Board Members George Pataki and Edith Lauer, and HIF Executive Director Anna Smith Lacey joined members of the Hungarian American Coalition at the Annual Mikulás Dinner to celebrate the Hungarian American community’s accomplishments this year and the leadership of  Max Teleki who lead HAC for the last 12 […]

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Spirit of Hungary Sweeps Through America

2016 was an important anniversary in the history of Hungary. The 60th year of remembrance for the 1956 October 23 Hungarian Uprising. It was equally important for the American Hungarian communities in North America, since of the 200.000 Hungarian who escaped from Hungary in 1956, most ended up here and lived their meaningful life in the […]

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The Gloria Victis statue expresses the aspirations of all people in their hunger for freedom. It is a memorial to all nations defeated by brutal force, whose love of liberty and spirit must stay alive to strive to free themselves again.

San Francisco Freedom Fighters Remember 1956

Hungarian organizations and churches in the San Francisco Bay Area formed a joint committee in March 2016, to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Hungarian revolution and Freedom Fight of 1956. The Hungarian Heritage Foundation of the San Francisco Bay Area, and 12 groups hosted a series of five events from October 21 through October 23, […]

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A century of Rebellion and Revival in the Arts

Hungarian Rebellion and Revival in the Arts at the Boca Raton Museum

HIF proudly supported the Art of Hungary exhibit displaying a century of “Rebellion and Revival” in the visual arts viewed by thousands of visitors at the Boca Raton Museum of Art. HIF Executive Director Anna Smith Lacey joined the exhibit’s supporters for the museum’s special Sponsor Recognition dinner and  former US Ambassador Nancy Brinker’s talk on the role of […]

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