World-Class Pianist Adam Gyorgy’s U.S. Tour is Crowned with Sellout of New York’s Prestigious Carnegie Hall

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Adam Gyorgy’s tour comes on the heels of being named HIF’s Cultural Ambassador of the Year. Mr. Gyorgy is most well-known for his unique interpretations of Liszt and Chopin as well as incorporating elements of traditional Hungarian folk music in his original work.  His tour began in Miami, moving to Cleveland and then Boston before culminating in his return to Carnegie Hall.

Adam Gyorgy at Carnegie Hall

In early September, HIF named Hungarian pianist Adam Gyorgy  Cultural Ambassador of the Year. HIF selected Mr. Gyorgy as he has worked tirelessly to become a world-class pianist and through his extraordinary talent, exemplifying the very best attributes of Hungarian fine arts. Along with the distinction, HIF supported a U.S. tour where Mr. Gyorgy could share his extraordinary talents and elements of Hungarian culture with Americans and Hungarian-Americans alike.

“The idea behind the Cultural Ambassador of the Year initiative is to showcase the very best, the cream of the crop of Hungarian culture. We wanted to support outstanding performers in cities that have significant Hungarian-American communities, with concert halls and venues where there is a broader American interest in these types of cultural events.” -Executive Director Anna Smith Lacey, HIF

During the tour, Mr. Gyorgy performed in Miami, Cleveland, Boston, and New York. Each city was selected because of their commitment to the fine arts and the presence of rich, thriving Hungarian-American communities there. Thus, allowing Hungarian-Americans to reconnect with their cultural heritage.

Adam Gyorgy at historic Faneuil Hall

At each concert, the audience began a musical journey with Adam Gyorgy’s improvisations, which always tell a genuine and personal story of the artist’s emotional experiences.

Afterwards, Mr. Gyorgy continued with his favorite romantic repertoire from Frederic​ ​Chopin​ ​and Franz​ ​Liszt​. The concert wrapped up with the rarely played composition of Franz Liszt: Legend No. 2 in E major ​and one of Mr. Gyorgy’s all-time favorites, Frederic​ ​Chopin’s​ ​Scherzo​ ​No.​ ​2​.

“The tour is a wonderful opportunity for an American audience to become familiar with Hungarian composers, like Liszt, and their works. And to introduce the Hungarian school of thought and style of playing the piano. A style that is fresh, joyful, and positive. A message that I believe HIF represents and that is why we decided to collaborate on this tour.”  -Adam Gyorgy

In addition to the cultural aspects, Mr. Gyorgy’s tour also developed a charitable tone as all proceeds from the Miami concert were donated to the Miami Foundation Hurricane Relief Fund which works directly with local communities in rebuilding homes lost in Hurricane Irma.

The Boston concert was especially significant as Mr. Gyorgy performed in the iconic Faneuil Hall, where 165 years ago Hungarian patriot and statesman Lajos Kossuth began his U.S. tour with a brilliant speech on freedom and democracy.

Mr. Gyorgy’s debut in Cleveland’s historic Severance Hall allowed the artists to connect with one of the largest Hungarian-American communities in the United States. The concert was covered by the Cleveland-based Hungarian radio station, Bocskai Rádió, which compiled a video showcasing Mr. Gyorgy’s talents and describes his experience as a cultural ambassador for Hungary.

“Adam Gyorgy’s concert at Severance Hall was an extraordinary and powerful experience.  He plays with impressive technical skill but adds a sensitivity and respect for the music that was a pleasure to see and hear.  We only hope we hear much more from him in concerts here in Cleveland and elsewhere around the United States.” – Jeanette Grasselli Brown, Cleveland



Mr. Gyorgy’s spectacular tour was crowned by performing to a sellout audience in New York’s world-renowned Carnegie Hall. The concert was also a fundraiser for the Adam Gyorgy Foundation which the artist launched in 2009 to help extremely talented and underprivileged musicians. Mr. Gyorgy first performed at Carnegie Hall to sold out houses in 2008, 2011, 2012, 2016. His return concert in 2017 was met with a warm reception. Among other VIPs, three former U.S. Ambassadors to Hungary, Ambassador Nancy Brinker (2001-2003), Ambassador April Foley (2006-2009) and Ambassador Colleen Bell (2015-2017) were in attendance. The post-concert reception also welcomed Maria Luiza Viotti, Chef de Cabinet of UN Secretary General’s office among multiple Permanent Representatives from United Nations.


 The final stop of the tour will be in Washington, DC in the spring of 2018.

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