2017 Spring Conference Support Scholarship Recipients

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The HIF Conference Support Scholarship serves to provide support for talented Hungarians and Americans to share their knowledge and gain new professional experiences by attending conferences, workshops and seminars in Hungary or the US.

The grant was announced in December, 2016 with an application deadline of February 5, 2017. The scholarship amount was be received in early March. Applicants prepared packages with a letter of recommendation, CV, proof of admittance, budget and motivation letter. Applicants could request funding up to $2,000 to cover registration fee and travel expenses, including lodging.

HIF received an extremely high number, 76 applicants in total and selected 16 applicants who are listed below.


Name AffiliationConference Title of presentation Scholarship granted 
Anna BoldogBOOKR KidsAmerikai Magyar Iskolák Találkozója (AMIT)Utilizing Digital Literacy to Promote Hungarian Children’s Reading in the United States$500
Katalin Budainé BalatoniKároli Gáspár Református EgyetemAmerikai Magyar Iskolák Találkozója (AMIT)Development and learning in the family and in schools (Fejlesztés, tanulás a családban és az iskolában)$1,000
Virág CsejdyHudec Cultural Foundation14. World Congress on Art DecoLászló Hudec – the architect of the first skyscraper in Asia$1,000
Ágnes ErőssGeographical Institute Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences Hungarian Academy of ScincesAnnual Meeting of the American Association of GeographersEffects of Ukraine crisis in Transcarpathia: snapshots from the periphery$1,000
Judit GabosEszterhazy Karoly University, Eger (Hungary)American Hungarian Educators Association (AHEA) and the Hungarian Studies Association of Canada (HSAC) 2017Kodály and Bartók’s Transylvania, as reflected in their piano works$1,000
Ferenc GyurisEötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Department of Regional Science2017 Annual Meeting of the American Assocation of Geographers (AAG) & Development Geographies Pre-Meeting ConferencePost-transition and post-crisis shifts in geographies in post-Communist contexts: A Hungarian perspective$1,000
Frank Hentshker, PhDMartin E. Segal Theatre Center, Graduate Center of the City University of New YorkThe Theatre of Robert Wilson, an Intercontinental and Interdisciplinary OverviewThe Performace Matrix of Robert Wilson$1,000
Arpad HornyakUniversity of PecsAmerican Hungarian Educators Association (AHEA) and the Hungarian Studies Association of Canada (HSAC)National self-defence and imperialism. The Balkan policy of István Tisza’s Hungary during World War I$1,000
Tamás KovácsNational Archives of HungaryAmerican Hungarian Educators Association (AHEA) and the Hungarian Studies Association of Canada (HSAC) 2017Who Was Hungarian or a Hungarian Citizen Before 1948, According to the Documents of the Ministry of the Interior$1,000
Éva LeiterDepartment of Biotechnology and Microbiology, University of DebrecenDrug Discovery and Therapy World Congress 2017The Penicillium chrysogenum antifungal protein (PAF) can be a promising antimycotic candidate in the treatment of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis$1,000
Daniel LippmanPOLITICOEuroatlantic CafeThe Current State of U.S. Politics$1,500
Christopher MalagisiConservative Book Club (a division of Salem Media Group)Euroatlantic CafeThe Current Political Climate of the US: Explaining the US Conservative Perspective$1,500
Éva Mártonffyné  Dr. PetrásÁllambiztonsági Szolgálatok Történeti Levéltára/Historical Archives of the Hungarian State SecurityAmerican Hungarian Educators Association (AHEA) and the Hungarian Studies Association of Canada (HSAC) 2017Romantic Elements of Hungarian Nationalism and Their Transformation in the Compromise Era$1,000
Ágnes NagyKároli Gáspár Református EgyetemAmerikai Magyar Iskolák Találkozója (AMIT)Integration from to family to school, from school to family (Integráció családból iskolába, iskolából családba)$1,000
Valter PflieglerDept. of Biotechnology and Microbiology, University of DebrecenEvolution 2017Laboulbeniales ectoparasites of cockroaches: three-gene phylogeny and implications$500
Attila SzabóHungarian Theatre Museum and Institute of the Petőfi Literary MuseumPerforming arts in Central EuropeTraditions and Contemporary Forms of Apartment Theatre in Hungary$1,000

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