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Congratulations to Dr. Peter Klotz on graduating from The McCain Institute’s Next Generation Leaders (NGL) Program this summer. Dr. Klotz is a lawyer and anti-corruption expert involved in the planning and implementation of governmental anti-corruption policies in Hungary. 

Peter Klotz graduation

Peter Klotz receiving his graduation certificate from NGL Program Senior Director Ambassador Michael Polt (right) and McCain Institute Senior Advisor Gen Ben Freakley (left)

Through the NGL Program, Dr Klotz spent one year in Washington, DC in the framework of a four-module program developing critical leadership skills and collecting invaluable professional experience at Management Systems International (MSI) a prestigious international development consulting firm. At MSI, Dr Klotz contributed to the organization’s anti-corruption development projects.

“In Hungary I would like to use my capacities to create a network of public and private sector integrity builders to reduce corruption in Hungary.” – said Dr. Klotz, who is returning to Budapest with an individual Leadership Action Plan, the central project of NGL’s development year. You can read his piece on good governance on NGL’s blog and his reflections about his US experiences on his personal blog (in Hungarian) here: http://akivezeto.blog.hu

Peter Klotz NGL Action Plan

Peter presents his Leadership Action Plan on creating a network of public and private sector integrity builders in Hungary

HIF is a proud supporter of The McCain Institute’s flagship Next Generation Leaders (NGL) Program, which  is designed to identify, train, network and empower a diverse group of emerging, character-driven leaders from the United States and around the world. The NGL program offers up to 20 emerging global leaders one year of targeted professional and personal development—with a core focus on values, ethics and leadership—in order to create a capable and lasting global network of character-driven leaders who shape the world we will inhabit in the future.

Next Generation Leaders are individuals with varying professional backgrounds, who even in their early-to mid-careers have demonstrated extraordinary character, commitment to core human values and capacity for future leadership. To learn more about the program, visit the program’s website.

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