Wrapping Up a Successful Year Overseas: Lilla Nóra Kiss’ Ph.D. Fellowship Recap

by | Aug 30, 2023 | News

Lilla Kiss at the 2023 IRF Summit

Lilla Nóra Kiss was the Hungary Foundation’s Post-Graduate Visiting Research Fellow at George Mason University’s (GMU) Antonin Scalia Law School from September 2022 to August 2023.

This fully-funded 12-month research fellowship is part of our Liberty Bridge Program. The fellowship supports academic research in liberal arts and social sciences at top universities in the United States, thus narrowing the gap of Hungarian academic research in these fields.

Lilla’s research was centered on social media and free speech. Throughout her fellowship, she achieved significant milestones, publishing over 20 articles, co-founding an advocacy group, earning an LLM degree, and sharing her expertise as a professor in GMU’s graduate LLM program. Additionally, she became eligible to take the Washington DC bar exam, which will allow her to become a licensed US attorney in the district.

Commitment to Research and Public Discourse

During her fellowship, Lilla immersed herself in a plethora of enriching opportunities, collaborating with distinguished experts and scholars. Her engagements included participation in events like the FedSoc National Lawyers Convention, Natcon 3, Acton Institute’s colloquiums and Acton University, the Philadelphia Society Annual Meeting, GMU GAI conferences, the Alexander Hamilton Institute’s WAPONS program, and the Arete Academy organized by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). These opportunities broadened her perspectives and kept her abreast of the latest developments, debates, and legal assessments concerning social media and free speech.

Throughout this period, Lilla showcased her dedication to scholarly pursuits and active involvement in public discourse. She demonstrated her commitment by publishing a remarkable total of 22 articles, spanning scientific papers, policy reports, blog posts, and op-eds. These publications, distributed in both Europe and America, underscored her expertise in effectively communicating intricate legal concepts to varied audiences.

Her diligent research findings and valuable policy insights greatly contributed to the academic community’s understanding of the complex legal landscape surrounding social media and free speech. Through her contributions, Lilla has exemplified her deep-rooted passion for exploring and elucidating the crucial issues at the intersection of law, social media, and free speech.

Leadership through Advocacy

In November 2022, Lilla exercised her leadership by co-founding the Freedom and Identity of Central Europe (FICE) working group. Under her direction, the group successfully organized an annual advocacy event, bringing together like-minded individuals who shared a commitment to the values of freedom and identity in Central Europe. During this event, participants engaged in valuable discussions, workshops, and collaborations, fostering a supportive community of advocates.

Lilla’s accomplishments with the FICE working group garnered recognition, leading to her invitation to speak at the Museum of the Bible in December 2022. Her talk focused on Hungary’s Christian foundation, shedding light on the historical and cultural aspects that shaped the nation’s identity and values.

Furthermore, Lilla and the FICE working group co-organized two significant events in collaboration with the Religious Freedom Institute and Liberty University. These events centered on religious freedoms and statehood, providing platforms for scholars and professionals to engage in meaningful discussions. By facilitating these gatherings, Lilla and her advocacy group played a vital role in promoting essential conversations and advancing the understanding and appreciation of these topics.

Academic and Professional Achievements

Furthermore, Lilla pursued a US master’s degree by enrolling in GMU’s flex LLM program. This program enabled her to continue her research and professional endeavors concurrently. Upon completing the program in May 2023, she attained an important achievement, becoming eligible to take the Washington DC bar exam. Upon passing this exam, Lilla will become fully licensed to practice US law in the district, further boosting her credentials and expanding her career prospects.

During her fellowship, Lilla not only became a student but also a graduate school professor. She assumed a teaching role in GMU’s Law School’s antitrust LLM program, collaborating with Professor Joshua Wright on US Antitrust Law and leading a course on Consumer Protection Law. Teaching this class further demonstrated her commitment to knowledge sharing and fostering the growth of professionals in the legal field.

In summary, Lilla’s fellowship has been one of exceptional achievements, leadership, and dedication to scholarly pursuits. Her research on social media and free speech resulted in extensive publications and the co-founding of an advocacy group. Her educational achievements, including completing an LLM and subsequent qualification to take the Washington DC bar exam highlight her drive to further her expertise and create new career opportunities. Her leadership and commitment to fostering knowledge underscore her potential for a promising future in law and academia.

Publications of Lilla Kiss during his Fellowship:

In English:
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Constitutionalism: Universal but Unique?
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“This Content is not Available in your Country” A General Summary on Geo-Blocking in and Outside the European Union.
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The War in Ukraine Reveals How Economic Dependency Kills
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Monitoring Social Media
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Post-Brexit European Map: The New Continental Status Quo and Institutional Decision-Making
Cognitive Illusions in Legal Interpretation
New Freedom Fighter Statue in Atlanta Honors Hungarian Resistance Against Communism
A win-win approach in human rights advocacy? Lessons learned from the book titled “Human Dignity and Law. Studies on the dignity of human life.”
EU soft power. Digital Law (Book Chapter)
The United States’ Tech Regulatory Dilemma—Through a Foreigner’s Eyes
Difficulties in “Chartering” the Course: The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in the Jurisprudence of the Hungarian Constitutional Court (Book Chapter)
Defending Heritage and Faith: Navigating the Intersection of Christianity and Nationalism in Hungary
From Cross to Crown: The Intersection of Christianity and Statecraft in Hungary
The United States’ Tech Regulatory Dilemma—Through a Foreigner’s Eyes
A Win-win Approach in Human Rights Advocacy? Lessons Learned from the Book Titled “Human Dignity and Law. Studies on the Dignity of Human Life”
What Brexit Can Teach the US about the Importance of Civility

In Hungarian:
„Közös Európai Életmód?” Vitaindító gondolatok az európaiságról, az európai életmód fogalmának értelmezéséről (szakcikk)
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