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by | May 14, 2020 | News

Introducing Hungarian American Coalition’s First 2020 John N. Lauer Leadership Training Program Intern, Károly Barabási


Károly Barabási

Károly Barabási arrived to Washington DC this spring. He will spend 4 months working remotely with the International Tax and Investment Center’s (ITIC) Energy Growth and Security (EGS) Program, headed by Dr. Ariel Cohen. The Program focuses on infrastructure investments, natural resources, and energy transformations unfolding in Eurasia and around the world. He is following state guidelines to shelter-in-place and work remotely until the health crisis is over, but fortunately, ITIC has experience with remote interns located across the US.

Károly obtained his undergraduate degree in International Relations from Pázmány Péter Catholic University (Budapest, Hungary) and is currently working on his Master’s degree in International Public Service Relations at the National University of Public Service (Budapest, Hungary). He is interested in security policy, the political and electoral system of the United States, U.S. foreign policy as well as international finance, economics and business.

“I believe that there is no better place to develop myself than in the United States since I have been studying about international relations for 4 years now. I am eager to prove myself and I am very much interested in gaining hands-on knowledge because it will ultimately complement my theoretical knowledge. I hope that I can use the experience gained during this internship whether in public administration or in the private sector. My dream for the future is to work in connection with the United States, foreign affairs and public service.”

If it is deemed safe to do so, the LTP plans to host a total of seven interns in 2020 to provide first-hand experience at various Washington-based institutions. Interns work with think tanks and non-government organizations to learn about the workings of both the U.S. government and the non-profit world. Their experience helps them establish contacts in the U.S. in their chosen field, and motivates them to enter public service in their country of origin. Internship participants are also expected to complete a Coalition research project and/or Hungarian American community that enables them to become familiar with our community. Karoly is working with HAC leaders to launch the Coalition Kavehaz series, a series of zoom-based lectures and discussions. The LTP is supported by The Hungary Foundation.

Once the quarantine is lifted, Karoly looks forward to meeting his colleagues face to face and enjoying the culture of DC.

“What I miss the most are the personal encounters that ceased since the pandemic…I hope that lifting of the sanctions would mean that work in the home office will be replaced by work in the office. It would be really nice to get out of the virtual space and to get to know the other interns at work in person as well. As for my free time, I have a lot of plans. I want to go to the currently closed parks to visit museums…I don’t even know what the first thing I’m going to do since these days sitting in a bar or a restaurant seems like a big adventure!”

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