Meet Viktor Kiss, HF Intern for the Summer

by | Jun 18, 2023 | News

Viktor Kiss

Viktor Kiss is a senior student at The Ohio State University, pursuing a double major in International Relations and Diplomacy, as well as Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE), with additional minors in International Business and Public Policy. He is interested in security policy implementation in Eastern European and Africa’s Sahel region.

Growing up in Hungary, Viktor had been exposed to U.S.-Hungary relations since the 8th grade of middle school as a result of attending the American International School of Budapest. Upon experiencing the social and cultural impact of the American diaspora in Hungary, he dedicated himself to better understanding the relationship between the two great nations. He is also a member of the Hungarian National Rifle Team since 2018 and has competed internationally since 2016.

“The Hungary Foundation has provided me, as an international relations scholar and proud Hungarian, with an invaluable opportunity to enhance my knowledge and skills in my areas of passion. Through this internship, I have been able to apply my language abilities (Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian, and English), theoretical knowledge of transatlantic and Eastern European studies, and corporate communications skills, all in one place. This experience has allowed me to develop and strengthen the relevant abilities that I aspire to leverage in my professional career.” – Viktor Kiss

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