Meet Málna Vámos, Széll Kálmán Public Policy Fellow

by | Jun 11, 2024 | News

Málna Vámos

Málna is a rising senior at the Ludovika University of Public Service in Budapest, where she is pursuing a BA in International Public Management. Before arriving in Washington DC, she spent a semester at the Catholic University of Lyon Law School, where she took graduate and undergraduate courses mainly focusing on international business and trade law and other branches of international law.

Málna Vámos

Málna’s main interests are geopolitics and geoeconomics. Her research has focused on national security policies and Transatlantic relations. She works as a research intern at the Danube Institute, a Budapest-based think tank. At the Danube Institute, she frequently publishes papers on topics like NATO’s deterrence policy, military strategies, and geoeconomical questions. She is passionate about youth diplomacy and actively promotes the involvement of young professionals in political and policy-making discussions. As a Youth Atlantic Treaty Association fellow, she represented Hungary in many international forums and conferences all around Europe – in Brussels, Berlin, Oslo, and many more. Málna also interned at GLOBSEC, a global think tank with offices in Bratislava, Brussels, and Washington D.C., where she was one of the coordinators of the flagship conference’s youth forum, designed to engage young professionals in the dialogue for a better and safer world.

Before starting her studies in international relations, Málna studied at the Hungarian Dance University, specializing in Hungarian Folk Dances. Even though she ended up on a different path, she’s still enthusiastic about preserving the rich Hungarian folk culture. She believes that Hungarian traditional dances are one of the country’s most cherished cultural treasures, and nothing brings people closer together than a round of csárdás.

This summer, she’s coming to Washington D.C. to live, intern, and study at the heart of international relations and politics. She is going to serve as a public policy and research intern on Capitol Hill at Knowledge Ecology International, a leading NGO focusing on public health issues and access to medicine. Besides her internship at KEI, she will be enrolled in economics and public policy courses at George Mason University, focusing on economic problems and U.S. foreign policy.

“The early settlers in America believed they were destined for greatness, envisioning themselves as the architects of a new world order. Their goal was to create systems of government and commerce that would captivate and appeal to people all around the world. Inspired by their visionary determination, I am embarking on my journey in D.C., eager to delve into the complexities of this remarkable transformation from colony to superpower and to achieve my goal of becoming the most thriving and exceptional version of myself.” – Málna Vámos



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