Krisztián Jójárt

by | Aug 31, 2020 | Featured Alumni

Program: CEPA Andrássy National Security Fellowship

Year: 2018

Host Institution: CEPA

Current Position: External Research Fellow at the Institute for Strategic and Defense Studies (SVKI)

Quote: “My experience in the United States helped me to become more confident in myself, and also to be more critical. I learned a lot during the 6 months about the work of Washington think tanks. I learned that an analysis does not only have to be written but also has to be sold. Writing for American think tanks requires a very different approach than what usually researchers in Europe got used to. Both approaches have their pros and cons. It must be noted however that the big think tanks in Washington do not necessarily produce better analyses than their smaller European counterparts, including the studies of my excellent colleagues and mentors with the Institute for Strategic and Defense Studies.”

Publications: Find them all listed at Krisztián’s Academia site.

Read his interview:

Prior to arriving to Washington in 2018, Krisztián has been an external fellow at the Center for Strategic and Defense Studies in Budapest where his research has covered the Russian military reform, contemporary Russian military thinking, and Russia’s ongoing wars in Ukraine and Syria. He also holds an M.A. degree in security and defense policy and has pursued studies in international relations at Corvinus University of Budapest.  During his six-month research, Krisztián provided a thorough analysis of Russia’s asymmetric warfare strategy based on the critical evaluation of the writings of prominent Russian military thinkers.

He is currently working with the Budapest-based Institute for Strategic and Defense Studies (SVKI) as an external research fellow, where he focuses on Russian strategic thinking and foreign policy. He is pursuing his Ph.D. in Military Studies and he will submit his doctorate thesis in the upcoming years.

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