Introducing Kincső Kővári, Budapest Fellowship Program Intern

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Budapest Fellowship Program, News

In September 2020, the  Hungary Foundation together with Mathias Corvinus Collegium (Budapest, Hungary)  established the Budapest Fellowship Program, a full-time, fully-funded transatlantic fellowship opportunity in Budapest, Hungary, for young American scholars and professionals.

Kincső joined the Budapest Fellowship Program’s Team, as an intern for the 2020/21 season.

Kincső Kővári


Kincső Kővári is currently a student of Corvinus University of Budapest. She is doing her master’s in Media- and Communication Science, although she graduated in Psychology. During her BA, she had the opportunity to attend the Psychological Institute of Catholic University of Leuven. Her interests in social sciences led her to participate in internship programs of the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights of Hungary, the relatively young think tank- Paradigma Institute, or The Hungary Foundation.

Kincső has always been interested in civil society and people with different socioeconomic backgrounds, so as a volunteer she contributed to the work of several NGOs in Hungary, Jordan, and Germany. She started working as a volunteer in high school, and as a student of Saint Ignatius Jesuit College for Advanced Studies, she experienced how to work for the benefit of society in an interdisciplinary team. In the Jesuit college, she could attend courses on several disciplines from Law to Geopolitics and had the chance to challenge and develop her skills through various projects like creating a complex developmental strategy for a village in rural Hungary or taking part in parliamentary simulation programs.

This summer she could participate in European Forum Alpbach as a scholarship recipient. In the forum, she could attend the lectures of the greatest economists, and politicians, which made her realize the importance of international cooperation on global crises of our times, particularly on ethical and social aspects of technological innovations. Therefore she started to work for Transparent Media Foundation – that organizes campaigns on media awareness, and conscious consumption of news, and later on joined the team of The Hungary Foundation as an intern.

“Most of the technological innovations have been born in the U.S, though data protection and social responsibility are core values of European countries. So I believe that strengthening the cooperation between the two countries could be blooming for both sides. That is the reason why I feel honored to work for the Budapest Fellowship Program.” – Kincső Kővári

Her goal with the program is to deepen her knowledge of cooperation between the U. S. and Hungary and to meet new perspectives on the global challenges of our time.



The goal of the 10-month Budapest Fellowship Program is to cultivate the next generation of American policy professionals and equip them with a thorough understanding of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Hungary.  The fellows will have an opportunity to conduct independent research on the topic fellows choose independently while gaining practical experience working at a Hungarian host institution that matches their professional interests.

The program’s structure is designed to nurture an understanding of Central and Eastern European, and specifically, Hungarian history and culture. The program will offer extensive professional and personal networking opportunities and fellows will be matched with local mentors to guide them during their fellowship journey.


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