HuGo Well Received at Spring Hungarian Events

by | May 29, 2024 | News

Recently, the HuGo app, which focuses on All Things Hungarian in the US, has been gaining popularity at various Hungarian events along the East Coast. These events have attracted large and enthusiastic crowds who have engaged with the app while enjoying Hungarian culture.

The journey began on April 20th at the Hungarian Heritage Festival in McLean, VA, hosted by the Kossuth Foundation. The festival attracted over 800 attendees and offered a wide variety of vendors and activities, creating a delightful and family-friendly atmosphere ideal for experiencing Hungarian culture. The HuGo team happily interacted with users of all ages and distributed HuGo-branded tote bags to visitors.



The next stop was on May 11th at the highly anticipated annual EU Open House in Washington, D.C. The Hungarian Embassy opened its doors to the public for a day filled with Hungarian music, cuisine, traditions, and entertainment. HuGo took center stage, captivating the 2500 visitors who explored its features, provided valuable feedback, and had the opportunity to acquire specially designed bags. HuGo experienced a significant surge in interest, as evidenced by numerous new app downloads, glowing written reviews, and valuable user feedback.


Since its launch, the HuGo app has been downloaded by over 10,000 individuals, marking a significant milestone for our growing community. We extend our sincere gratitude to all who joined us on this journey. Thank you for your unwavering support!

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