Viktória Keresztes and Norbert Szabó Successully Graduate from Quinnipiac University

by | Jun 29, 2020 | News

In 2019, Quinnipiac University welcomed the two newest participants in the Hungarian American Business Leaders Scholarship Program, Viktória Keresztes, and Norbert Szabó. The program provides Hungarian students with a unique opportunity to earn an MBA at Quinnipiac University while also gaining valuable work experience at U.S. companies. Viktória holds a B.A. in international relations from Corvinus University of Budapest, while Norbert has a B.A. in finance from Babes Bolyai University of Cluj Napoca. This June, both students successfully completed their MBAs at our partner organization, Quinnipiac University.

Viktória and Norbert with their Group in Their Graduation Gowns at Quinnipiac University


We’re extremely proud of both of them. Congratulations Viki and Norbi, Good Luck to you as you move onto the next stage in your carreer!

This is what Viktória said about her time in the US:

“Without a doubt, it has been an eventful year, full of great adventures and surprises. I believe the MBA program was especially useful for me, I have learned a lot about business, and I am ready for new challenges. I feel very lucky to have had this wonderful opportunity to gain first-hand American experience, to get to know the American culture, and to make friends for life. After considering the current situation and my options, I decided to move home and make good use of my experience from this one year in Hungary. I cannot wait to put what I have learned into practice and try myself in hitherto unknown areas too.”

Viktória in New York City

Viki and Norbi with Chris Ball, Director of the Central European Institute István Széchenyi Chair in International Economics Honorary Hungarian Consul

Viki and Norbi with Friends at Quinnipiac’s Bobcat














This is how Norbi remembers this past year:

“It was an amazing year with a lot of unforgettable experiences! For me it was amazing to just participate in the classes and see how different it is from my previous European experiences. I have a finance BA and one year of Business Management MA, but during the MBA I have learned a lot and I feel like together with my American work experience in purchasing at Henkel Corporation, I am ready to take on more responsibility in the region where I was born. We also made a lot of American friends, we spent Halloween together in Salem, we celebrated Thanksgiving at one of our friends’ houses in Upstate New York, so we had a lot of fun too! Due to the current global pandemic situation, I decided to accept an offer from Henkel in their Center of Excellence in Bratislava, starting on the 1st of September. I do truly believe all these experiences have helped shape me as an individual inside and outside of the work environment, and I am closer to achieving my goal, to be a strong and impactful leader in Europe.

Viktória and Norbert in Washington, D.C.

Exploring the Big City and Times Square

Celebrating Halloween with Friends

On Quinnipiac Univerity’s Campus



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