Széll Kálmán Alumna, Dorottya Zsiborács Attends NATO Youth Summit

by | Jun 19, 2024 | News

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg fielded questions posed by young leaders from both sides of the Atlantic as he participated in NATO’s fourth annual Youth Summit / photo:


Kicking off in Stockholm and continuing in Miami, over 500 young adults from NATO member and partner countries participated in person for NATO’s 4th annual Youth Summit, with thousands more taking part online. This year’s theme, “Shaping Your Tomorrow,” aligns perfectly with Allied Command Transformation’s mission of preparing the Alliance for the future.

Dorottya Zsiborács

Széll Kálmán alumna, Dorottya Zsiborács had the chance to meet with other NATO countries’ youth reps and network and discuss topics on defense and security with NATO staff members. She received positive feedback on her proactive participation at the conference from YATA Hungary and YATA International.

“Participating in this year’s NATO Youth Summit in person was a great honor. Engaging with inspiring young representatives from various NATO countries left me feeling optimistic about NATO’s future. These gatherings underscore how our alliance’s strength lies in mutual learning and solidarity. For instance, discussions shed light on topics like the spread of disinformation and hate speech in the gaming industry, the latest OSINT strategies to combat deepfakes, and Sweden’s concept of total defense.” – Dorottya Zsiborács

The inaugural summit in 2020, part of the “NATO 2030 Initiative”, aimed to empower young voices in shaping our collective security. This year, the summit being held in Stockholm, Sweden, was a truly unique experience given Sweden’s recent NATO membership in March 2024.

NATO’s ability to adapt over its seven-decade history while staying true to its mission of protecting its members is remarkable. The inclusion of youth voices is vital as NATO navigates challenges posed by emerging technologies and geopolitical tensions, such as the threat of biological warfare and Russian aggression in the Eastern Flank.

April 2024 marked the 75th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Dorka is looking forward to following the NATO Summit in July 2024 in Washington D.C., where its founding treaty was signed, the Allies will gather to discuss the challenges, and opportunities, and celebrate the legacy of the most successful alliance in history.

Dorka applied and secured interviews for NATO jobs, in the emerging technologies and innovation unit and the digital unit. Moreover, she will use the network to work on transatlantic security issues with other youth reps.




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