Program policy


The general rules guiding and determining the program policy of The Hungary Initiatives Foundation are the following:

  • The Foundation’s program strategy must be built in a way that the individual programs contribute to the fulfillment of its mission. The programs must be varying in content, covering all the different goals set by the Founder and leveraging the greatest amount of impact.
  • The Foundation addresses and seeks to involve the entire Hungarian American community in the United States. As the network of Hungarian communities is geographically very scattered and dispersed, it is essential that the program strategy mirror the concentration of the ethnic Hungarians. Besides Hungarian Americans, through the programs we wish to reach and involve non-Hungarian Americans as well. Therefore the Foundation’s program strategy must be nationwide in scope.
  • Understanding that creating lasting value and the successful realization of the Foundation’s mission require a longer period of time, the Foundation mostly invests in long-term, multi-year, recurring programs of contact building, leadership training, education, culture, research cooperation building, and community organizing. However, the Foundation occasionally also supports ad hoc or one-time programs that are in line with the founding goals.
  • The Foundation’s general program policy as well as the corresponding annual program plans must be approved by the full Board of Trustees and executed in details by the Executive Committee.