Meet Thomas Paul Moran, 2023 Budapest Fellowship Program Participant

by | Sep 27, 2023 | News

Thomas Paul Moran


Thomas Paul Moran is both thrilled and honored to be a part of the Budapest Fellowship Program for the 2023/24 academic year. His background includes a deep interest in literature, history, and writing, travel, and eventually, living in Hungary. Paul’s education includes a bachelor’s in English at Liberty University, an experience which deeply changed his life for the better and brought him on the path to the Fellowship in the coming years. While at Liberty, he was a part of several mission trips to Romania, which eventually led him to develop an interest in Eastern and Central Europe. He later went to the Czech Republic for several months to obtain a TEFL degree.

Thomas Paul Moran

“Acting on advice from a missionary who lived in Hungary, I applied to work CETP (The Central European Teaching Program) and was placed in Orosháza. I was blessed with 2 wonderful years teaching in English at a bilingual primary school in this town, years that I would not trade for the world. Through this experience, a good friend and colleague recommended that I apply for the Budapest Fellowship program. Again, I was blessed with a fantastic opportunity in a country that I dearly love.” – Thomas Paul Moran

Paul thinks Hungary is a nation with a lot of potential. “Yes, this nation does not despair and falter. Hungarians know there is no reason to falter. There are more reasons to go on and show the world who she is, and not be unashamed of her past. This strength is an encouragement to the world, to all who refuse to be defeated by lies, and to those who rise again and again.” – Paul says.

Paul’s research focus while in Hungary is on the effect of literature on a nation’s youth, with a focus on Hungarian youth. The advantages of learning about one’s national literature, and how a nation’s respective literature reflected history and in some cases, shaped, history, are advantages that can prevent a darkening future of lies and bondage. Hungarians have so much to be proud of, and so much to fight for.

“I am thrilled and determined to learn about Hungary’s rich literary history, and to do my part in advocating for this nation.” – Thomas Paul Moran

Paul’s host institution is the Youth Research Institute under the guidance of Levente Székely.



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