Meet Lídia Papp, HIF Fall/Winter Communications Intern

by | Dec 15, 2020 | News

Every semester, HIF offers the opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to intern with the foundation gaining substantive work experience. This fall/winter HIF is hosting Lídia Papp, Corvinus University graduate student from Budapest.


Lídia Papp


Lídia graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Budapest Business School University of Applied Sciences, Hungary. She earned her Master’s degree in International Relations at Corvinus University of Budapest and she also studied Arabic language at the University of Haifa.

In the time of her BA, Lidia participated in the Sar-El volunteer program within which she works for the Tzahal, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). In Israel, she has gained knowledge of the everyday life of young Jewish people and their community and she had a first-hand understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian coexistence.

„This experience with the Sar-El program was unlike anything I could dream or imagine: I was working and living alongside with young, patriotic soldiers together and I was able to get a more extensive insight of their lives. This experience gave me a deeper appreciation of Israel and the Israeli society. It was also a great opportunity to broaden my global experiences and to learn and work in an international context.” – Lídia Papp

Lídia Papp

During her MA program at Corvinus University, she had begun working for the Hungarian Ministry of Defense where she conducted research related to the Syrian conflict.
In the same year, she received a research scholarship at the International Relations Multidisciplinary Doctoral School at Corvinus University of Budapest. In this program, Lídia’s topic focuses on the alternative humanitarian aid models in the Middle East.

Utilizing her expertise in international affairs she works as an Analyst at the Danube Institute, a Budapest-based think tank. In this role at the institute, she specializes in the international relations of the Middle East, with a special focus on humanitarian assistance in times of conflict and the protection of religious freedom. Hungarian-American relations are also Lidia’s areas of interest.

Beyond her work, Lídia is a very proud mother and enjoys spending time with family and friends the most. It is neither a secret nor a surprise that she loves traveling to places in any and every manner, may it be a multi-month international endeavor, a week-long climbing, or getting immersed in a novel in a book club.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to take part at the Hungary Foundation’s mission, as I have always considered it important to nurture Hungarian-American relations and strengthen the bond between the two nations. I believe that working for the Hungary Foundation would contribute to both my professional and personal development.” – Lídia Papp

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