Introducing Csenge Gyömbér, HF Intern for the Spring

by | Feb 20, 2024 | News

Csenge Gyömbér HF Spring Intern

Csenge Gyömbér is a current sophomore international business major with a double minor in marketing and communications student at Wingate University. Her engaged participation in academic pursuits and networking within her school environment allowed her to be a treasurer for the American Marketing Association and a vice president for the Women in Business club.

Csenge spent her childhood years in Budapest, Hungary, before transitioning to high school in the United States. Her interest in international business started with her diverse cultural experiences, passion for traveling, and curiosity about learning business practices in different countries.

In her free time, she likes traveling. Csenge’s favorite place in Hungary is Lake Balaton, where she spends most of her summer time.

“I look forward to this great opportunity with the Hungary Foundation to get more insights on how to work social media platforms, the HuGo application, and develop my creative thinking more by creating content for the Foundation’s social media.” – Csenge Gyömbér

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