Andrássy Fellowship


The Andrássy National Security Fellowship at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) sponsored by the Hungary Foundation, was launched in June 2017, as a fully-funded six-month program aimed at developing Hungarian expertise on the United States and building long-term ties with the U.S. policy community through hands-on experience and analytical training in transatlantic policy issues.

The Fellowship was conceived in the spirit and legacy of Hungarian statesman Gyula Andrássy, who served as Prime Minister of Hungary (1867–1871) and Foreign Minister of Austria-Hungary. Alongside Bismarck, he was an architect of European order gifted, in the words of a contemporary“with great perspicacity, large minded and liberal views, and the decision of character so necessary to be a ruler of men … ever governed by a feeling of justice and honour in the performance of his duty.”

During their time in Washington, Andrássy Fellows will be paired with a specific CEPA program – Strategy and Statecraft, StratCom, Defense, Energy Security – that matches their main interests. Each Fellow will work with a designated CEPA scholar and will conduct independent research. Andrássy Fellows will participate in outreach to the U.S. policy community and produce high-quality policy analysis. The Andrássy Fellowship will feature an expert roundtable event hosted by CEPA and the publication of an analytical paper showcasing the Fellows’ work. Fellows will also work with core CEPA staff on a full spectrum of think tank processes, including, policy issue briefings, brainstorming sessions, networking, and program planning and administration.

CEPA will provide a $3000 monthly stipend, cover the costs of travel to Washington, D.C., and provide assistance for the Fellow’s visa application process.




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