Emily Gyetvai

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Featured Alumni

Program: HF Communications Intern

Year: 2023

Host Institution: Hungary Foundation

Quote: “I am very thankful for this opportunity to be a part of the amazing team of the Hungary Foundation and to see the incredible job they do to improve Hungarian-American relations. I believe I can grow a lot both personally and professionally by being here.”

Read her introduction here: hungaryfoundation.org

Emily Gyetvai is currently a student at Budapest Business School University of Applied Sciences, Hungary, where she is in her 4th semester of studying International Business Economics.

Emily comes from a small town high school in Salgótarján, where she had the chance to take part in everything from academic competitions to art projects and sports events. She tried herself out in every possible field until she found her interest in languages and then later in Economics. She has always been fascinated by different languages, nations, and cultures. Emily started studying several different foreign languages including English, German, Spanish, and Italian, and even took a short course in Hebrew and Esperanto. Her love for the English language resulted in her graduating from this subject two years earlier than usual.

Emily likes spending time with younger children. She always had this urge to help people and bring the best out of them.

The Hungary Foundation is a solely charitable 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The Foundation pursues its mission and goals by supporting Hungarian-American organizations and by supporting programs that strengthen interaction and cooperation between Hungarian and American citizens and institutions. In particular, the Foundation is focused on supporting cultural, educational and scholarly activities. The Foundation does not participate in political activities, political or election campaigns.

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