Ármin Ladányi

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Featured Alumni

Program: Széll Kálmán Public Policy Fellowship

Year: 2021 Summer

Host Institution: TFAS

Current Position: Board Member and Lead, Public and Corporate Relations, Youth Business Group

Research Focus: US constitutional amendments, US legislative and government affairs

Quote: “I am thrilled to see what comes of the upcoming weeks. There will be case studies, op-eds, and countless mind-provoking discussions. I’ll have the opportunity to accumulate theoretic knowledge in the classroom, and then will be able to apply it in the real world, whether it be using it in legislative institutions or at lunch with a lobbyist.”

Read his introduction: hungaryfoundation.org

Ármin Ladányi works currently as a Board Member and leader for the Public and Corporate Relations Team at the Youth Business Group, an association of university student organizations.YBG was founded in 2017, the regional organization already connects 1,000+ young people in several disciplines. Ármin graduated from the Corvinus University of Budapest with a degree in International Studies and then continued his studies at Corvinus to become a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Management. He gained international experience during his one-year studies in France at the Sciences Po University.

In addition to studies and professional advancement, community and active citizenship also play an important role in Ármin’s life: in 2016, he and his colleagues founded the House of European Affairs and Diplomacy(HEAD), a student organization for European Union diplomacy that now has more than 100+ members at three universities. As a result, he has been a key player in several of the European Parliament’s “This Time I am Voting” and “Together.eu” campaigns and became the main organizer and national ambassador of the Schuman 70 initiative which took place in 15 countries.

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